The march toward district elections for City Council members got a bit easier when Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed legislation allowing leaders of most cities to make the change without going to a vote of the people.

Riverbank will cancel that part of the process, previously aimed at November 2016, and will concentrate on narrowing options for splitting the city into four voting districts. People can say which of eight options they prefer at a public hearing Tuesday, and the council is expected to make a final decision Nov. 24.


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Californians having been living with scarcity for so long that it’s become natural for us to assume that our teachers will scrape together whatever they can for our classrooms, that libraries will be open only a couple of hours a day, that our communities won’t have what they need. We shrug our shoulders and accept that it’s OK for thousands of our roads and bridges to be structurally deficient, for our kids to have no place to go after school, for emergency response times to stretch longer and longer.


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MALDEF Letter to City of Riverbank on Language Access

CNC Education Fund was Cc'd this morning on a March 14, 2015 letter from the Mexican American Legal Education and Defense Fund (MALDEF) addressed to the city councilmembers, mayor, and city manager of the City of Riverbank.  The letter embedded in it's entirety below addresses a "Notice Regarding Non-English Speakers" on page #2 of the March 14, 2015 agenda. 

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KEY FACTS AND MEMOS: President Obama Executive Actions



The President asked Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Eric Holder to undertake a rigorous and inclusive review to inform recommendations on reforming our broken immigration system through executive action. This review sought the advice and input from the men and women charged with implementing the policies, as well as the ideas of a broad range of stakeholders and Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. Our assessment identified the following ten areas where we, within the confines of the law, could take action to increase border security, focus enforcement resources, and ensure accountability in our immigration system.

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Press Release: CNCEF Statement On City of Merced Agreeement with MALDEF



July 8, 2014

CNC Education Fund Statement On Agreement by

City of Merced and MALDEF

Merced, CA - The Merced City Council was presented with two important questions in April:

1)    Is the current at-large election system serving the best interests of the City of Merced?

2)    Is the current at-large election system compliant with the California Voting Rights Act?

The City Council and Mayor answered no to both questions and voted unanimously 7-0 to comply with state law [California Voting Rights Act] and move towards establishing a single-member district election system to elect city of Merced Councilmembers. 

Last night, as a part of an agreement with MALDEF and in line with the City of Merced Charter – the Merced City council voted to place, on the November 2014 ballot, an ordinance that would change the at-large election system to a by-district system for each of the six seats on the Merced City Council.  A similar measure was passed in June by the Coachella Valley Water District by a 3 to 1 margin.  CNC Education Fund lauds the City of Merced for agreeing to conduct necessary advertising and outreach to inform and educate city residents about the districting process to support the ballot measure’s passage in November.

It is important to state - the agreement builds upon Measure J - which passed with 90% support by Merced voters in 2013 - to consolidate the Mayor and City Council Elections.   Measure J seeks to increase voter participation by aligning city elections with statewide elections.

With all six current city council members, the Mayor, and the City Manager clustered north of Santa Fe Ave., significant sections of voters and the priorities for their families were not being reflected in the city's budget or the city's public policy.    

Single-member district elections will provide the opportunity for every neighborhood, for every family in Merced to have a real voice in shaping Merced public policy priorities.   Single-member district elections create the environment for increased transparency and accountability of its elected city leaders. 



CNC Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to achieving environmental, economic, and socially just public policy for working class families in the rural areas of California.  Founded in February 2011, CNCEF provides public education on policy issues relevant to rural areas of California including health, immigration, environmental justice, workers rights, civil and human rights.  CNCEF currently implements grassroots organizing, and public policy education programs in the cities of Fresno, Coachella, Merced and Sacramento.

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Follow Fresno and Riverside County and California Primary Election Results

Follow Fresno County and State of California Primary Election Results by clicking here

Follow Riverside County and State of California election results by clicking here. 

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Fresno Youths Left Out of City Budget ... Again

OPINION EDITORIAL | June 2, 2014 | by Cesar Casamayor 

Mayor Ashley Swearengin is optimistic about the city's nearly $1 billion budget.

Among other things, the budget pays down debt, adds staff to the police and fire departments and allots money for street improvements and road repairs.

There's nothing wrong with the city spending money on these services, and now is the time. Fresno's debt swelled to nearly $40 million and the police and fire departments are understaffed.

But there is something wrong when a mayor brags about a billion-dollar budget that makes very little investment in our young people.

When is it the right time to invest in Fresno's young citizens? Let's temper this optimism with a bit of reality.

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VIDEO: Immigrants and Health Care In California Presentation

What are the reasons #Health4All is important?  Though California provides health care services through programs with limited scope or duration, and some counties provide coverage regardless of immigration status, there is more our families need. Our health care system is stronger when everyone participates.  We already know, emergency room treatment is an expensive form of sick-care, not health care.  By implementing health4all California will experience cost savings from other health care spending and result in healthy parents leading thriving Families.  The bottom line:  Health is a Human Right. 

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Merced Mayor Advises Youth Leaders, Advocates To Make Grassroots Effort May 21, 2014

With funding for youth services being a major point of discussion in every city budget session this year, Merced Mayor Stan Thurston on Wednesday advised youth advocates to start a grass-roots effort to get those dollars.

Thurston pitched the idea to advocates during a budget session, asking them to put forth the effort to get an 1/8-cent sales tax measure in front of voters. He said that if passed, it would create a sustainable money source for youth programs in town.

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