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    I am interested in the Community Organizer internship in the Fresno area. Please let me know the contact information to send my resume/cover letter.

    Thank you,

    Pedro U.
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    Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the CNC Education Fund Civic Engagement project team. I am very excited to learn and grow in this environment as I am very passionate about the work you do. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Isabella Methot
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    Good afternoon,

    I am contacting you to invite you to nominate a Latino leader in your organization for a chance to win a $25,000 award . I can give you more information about the program and walk you through the nomination process.
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    Hi, I wonder if you guys offer or have links to college scholarships for kids living in rural areas.
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    I wanted input on maybe a campaign for the P.A.C.T Program that will help make Our community safe and secure for our citizens and families

    This includes military that come back with stressors,homeless,single parent homes,people in recovery and the mentally hurts and our Youth. The solution I have come up with will clean up the streets help employment for those who have a hard time gaining employment and it will keep families together We need this positive problem solving Program thank you Tinika
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    I would love to help the CNC Education Fund. I’ve always wanted to be a part of my community to help promote education, equity, and empathy to help improve people’s lives. I’ve always been very interested in Politics and how we can improve as a society and I’m always been about helping others and giving other’s guidance to make positive decisions in their lives. I see this organization as a true beginning to help spread awareness and positivity and I would love to experience volunteering for this cause.
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