Environmental Justice

Anti_GMO.jpgCNC Education Fund is committed to:  

1) Eliminate use of the most dangerous pesticides 
2) Reduce use of and reliance on all pesticides 
3) Support safer, ecologically sound and more socially just forms of pest management 
4) Expand and protect the public's right to know about pesticide use, exposure, and impacts.

CNC Education Fund is a member of the Californian's for Pesticide Reform (CPR) statewide steering committee.  

CPR is a statewide coalition of more than 185 organizations, founded in 1996 to shift fundamentally the way pesticides are used in California.

CPR's mission is to protect public health, improve environmental quality and expand a sustainable and just agriculture system by building a diverse movement across California to change statewide and local pesticide policies and practices.

CPR has built a diverse, multi-interest coalition to challenge the powerful political and economic forces opposing change. Member organizations include public health, children's health, educational and environmental advocates, clean air and water organizations, health practitioners, environmental justice groups, labor, organizations, farmers and sustainable agriculture advocates.