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Imelda Ramirez

Fresno Lead Community Organizer

Imelda Ramirez is a team lead and organizer at the Communities for a New California Education Fund (CNCEF) Fresno office. She is responsible for all aspects of CNC’s Civic Engagement Programs (CEP), which requires working in a fast paced environment to recruit, train, and launch phone banking and canvassing teams to engage, educate , and mobilize families in the San Joaquin Valley. She previously worked at both the Merced and Sacramento offices as a canvasser and phone banker. Imelda has a great deal of experiences working hands on in the field and is passionate about engaging community members in creative ways that highlight and support their voices.

As the child of immigrant parents, Imelda identifies strongly with immigrant communities and is currently leading a CNC project that will focus on how document and undocumented immigrants are being portrayed in the media.

Understanding the necessity of access to affordable health care for all communities, Imelda worked on CNC’s Affordable Care Act canvassing campaign in 2016. Families in Merced signed a petition of support for continued affordable and accessible healthcare without cuts or caps to Medicaid and Medical. Due to her mother’s battle with kidney disease, Imelda felt personally compelled to write an opinion editorial on how the ACA helped her mother access treatment – concluding that healthcare is not a privilege, it is a human right.

In 2018, Imelda’s team reached out to over 600 families across 6 precincts to complete a Needs Assessment survey of priorities in the Fresno area. Families overwhelmingly want safer streets that include increased lighting, more stop signs, and sidewalk accessibility, which set the stage for her future involvement with CNCEF.

She is a UC Davis graduate, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Chicano/a studies, and plans to resume school fall 2019 to attain her MPA from Fresno State or UC Merced.