VIDEO: Immigrants and Health Care In California Presentation

What are the reasons #Health4All is important?  Though California provides health care services through programs with limited scope or duration, and some counties provide coverage regardless of immigration status, there is more our families need. Our health care system is stronger when everyone participates.  We already know, emergency room treatment is an expensive form of sick-care, not health care.  By implementing health4all California will experience cost savings from other health care spending and result in healthy parents leading thriving Families.  The bottom line:  Health is a Human Right. 

How will your family potentially be impacted by ... ?: 

  • Medi-Cal Expansion
  • Covered California
  • Residency (Mixed family residency status)
  • DACA and Federal vs. State healthcare access 
  • Individual Mandate and Exceptions 
  • Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods

Healthcare Reform and Immigration Status in California

Above is the May 13, 2014 webinar recording for the presentation entitled:  “Healthcare Reform and Immigration Status in California,” presented by the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, National Immigration Law Center, and California Immigrant Policy Center that answer those questions and many more.  

You can also download the slides from the presentation by clicking here.  Note:  When you open (or print) the PowerPoint presentation - make sure to read the notes underneath the slides - they contain a wealth of important information. 

VIDEO:  Immigrants and Health Care In California Presentation

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