MALDEF Letter to City of Riverbank on Language Access

CNC Education Fund was Cc'd this morning on a March 14, 2015 letter from the Mexican American Legal Education and Defense Fund (MALDEF) addressed to the city councilmembers, mayor, and city manager of the City of Riverbank.  The letter embedded in it's entirety below addresses a "Notice Regarding Non-English Speakers" on page #2 of the March 14, 2015 agenda. 



CNC Education Fund echoes the concerns about the Notice Regarding Non-English Speakers raised by MALDEF.  We would also like to restate, equal access to justice, regardless of the ability to communicate in English, is not only a state-sanctioned goal.  But a requisite for a strong democracy.  Which is in large part the reason the framers of the California Constitution drafted it in both Spanish and English in 1849


(PLEASE NOTE: The highlights have been added by CNCEF for emphasis) 




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