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Pedro Navarro Cruz

Fresno Community Organizer

As a first-generation Mexican-American, Pedro Navarro Cruz was taught the value of hard work, being attuned to his cultural heritage, and being a role model to those around him. Born to immigrant parents from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Pedro was born in Los Angeles and moved with his parents and three younger brothers to Fresno when he was 11. Once in Fresno, Pedro became increasingly aware of the systemic racism working against him and families like his. Whether present in education, housing, or infrastructure, it was evident that immigrant families were receiving fewer resources than others. This power imbalance inspired Pedro to take action and get more involved in his community.

Before joining CNC, Pedro was a youth organizer for Mi Familia Vota. He helped develop a program to teach youth the history of civic engagement in the United States and tools to organize people power and mobilize residents to strengthen the Affordable Care Act.

Pedro began with CNC as a volunteer canvasser in 2011 and became a community organizer. He is passionate about developing leaders who organize policy changes to correct the prevailing power imbalance in Fresno and the state. Victories that Pedro is incredibly proud of include CNC Fresno Parks Advocates United Committee’s successful advocacy for a Youth Activities Fee Waiver Voucher Program, the Fresno Unified School District’s adoption of CNC Fresno Angeles de la Vivienda Committee’s redistricting map, and the successful advocacy in 2019 for the Fresno City Council to reject a proposal that would have made donations to panhandlers illegal.

Pedro has an associate’s degree from Fresno City College in Chicano Latino Studies and a certificate in Social Justice Studies. He and his partner are committed to instilling a similar appreciation for cultural heritage and collective power building in their 9-year-old son. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, coaching soccer, and playing soccer.