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Pedro Navarro Cruz

Fresno Community Organizer

Pedro first began with CNC Education Fund as a door-to-door canvasser in the summer of 2011. He was then 21 years old and continued to stay involved with CNC as a phonebanker and canvasser over the years in multiple CEP's before joining the team as a Community Organizer in 2018.

Prior to becoming a Community Organizer, Pedro's work as a community advocate includes: Youth Organizing, Immigrant Rights advocate, the Fight for $15, and increasing the voter turnout in numerous campaigns over the years.

Pedro was born in Los Angeles and moved to Fresno when he was 12 years, where he has been living ever since and calls home. As an Organizer, Pedro is working hard in Fresno any nearby rural communities to solidify a powerful voter engagement of voters who are able to influence and shape public policy decisions for their families.