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Venise Curry, M.D.

San Joaquin Regional Director

Venise began with CNC Education Fund as a door-to-door canvasser and phonebanker in 2011.  Her commitment to engaging voters quickly led her to become the Team Leader of the twenty-member Civic Engagement Project team.   A highlight for Venise came in 2012 when her non-partisan GOTV team successfully contacted 30,000 voters of which over 15,000 cast a ballot on election-day.

As a result of Venise’s leadership, CNCEF’s non-partisan Civic Engagement Program increased foreign-born voter turnout to 73% of eligible voters.  That is 9% higher than the 64% overall turnout among all Fresno County Voters. 

The leadership Venise has demonstrated combined with rigorous work ethic she has instilled in her Fresno team members have had a great impact on CNCEF as a whole.  Combined, the Fresno, Coachella, and Merced team's programs have become increasingly effective in educating and motivating voters to become consistent in casting their ballots.  As CNCEF continue to grow, we anticipate being able to solidify a powerful rural voter engagement infrastructure of voters who are able to influence and shape public policy decisions for their families.