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Anna Lisa Vargas

Eastern Coachella Valley Lead Community Organizer

Anna Lisa Vargas is a life-long resident of the Coachella Valley.  Anna Lisa overseas the integrated leadership development and mass voter engagement strategy efforts for CNC Education Fund in the Eastern Coachella Valley.  Anna’s area of expertise is skill-building and capacity building for community leaders in the areas of education, advocacy, and public policy change. Anna brings over ten years experience working with the Eastern Coachella Valley Latino community and an array of successful community campaigns and projects.

2012 was a highlight for Anna Lisa with CNC Education Fund.  She oversaw a twenty-four member phone banking and door-to-door non-partisan GOTV canvassing team which contacted nearly 20,000 voters in the Eastern Coachella Valley.  Of them nearly 10,000 turned out to vote on election-day.  Thanks to Anna Lisa’s leadership.  The non-partisan Civic Engagement program increased foreign-born (immigrant) voter turnout to 81 percent in the Coachella Valley.  That is 12 percent higher than the 69 percent voter turnout among all voters in Riverside County.  Anna Lisa continues to provide leadership and guidance to the Eastern Coachella Valley team and mentorship to Alma Diarte who has taken on the leadership of the Civic Engagement Project team.  Thanks to the culture of excellence Anna Lisa established - each CNC Education Fund Civic Engagement Project has improved upon the other.

Anna Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Anthropology from UC Irvine in 2004. Anna returned to Coachella to work on behalf of local families and communities, with emphasis on community health, education, and advocacy.