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CNC is Building Power Throughout California

There’s so much going on in California, it can be hard to keep up. CNC is here to highlight some of the most important things that impact you this week and share how we’ve been making a difference for California families. Join us in advocating for our cities, empowering our neighborhoods through education, and creating a California for all.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happened this week in California:

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Listen up California! The recall election is fast approaching, so be sure to cast your ballot by September 14th. When we vote, progress belongs to us. Ballots are being mailed out to all Californians with an active voter registration status as soon as next week! Don’t miss this important opportunity to decide who will be governing over the decisions that will impact your family. CNC is working around the clock to ensure that all California voters are aware of the recall and prepared to vote. Our digital media campaign reminds Californians of the importance of voting in the recall, is Bilingual in English and Spanish, and will reach one million voters. Our digital campaign is supported by our phone bankers who are calling families in the regions that we serve, explaining the recall process and exactly how critical it is to cast a ballot and have our voices heard. Register to vote or check your voter registration status - especially if you’ve moved - at registertovote.ca.gov.

Angeles de la Vivienda: The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated California’s housing crisis. CBS 47’s Emmy Award-winning Nathalie Vera reported on the work CNC organizers in Fresno have done to combat this crisis with a housing committee called Angeles de la Vivienda. Angeles de la Vivienda, or “Housing Angels”, is a Spanish-speaking neighborhood committee that focuses on affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and increasing homeownership among Latino families. The committee formed as an offshoot of CNC’s general “House Meetings,” in which residents decide what issues they want to tackle. Many of our fellow neighbors, like Imelda Cruz, are facing their toughest life challenges right now. Imela was evicted from her home due to pandemic hardships and had to move back in with her son, CNC organizer Pedro Navarro Cruz. You can watch and read Nathalie’s full story here. “It’s important that folks are getting a seat at the table,” said Pedro Navarro Cruz. “I’ve seen many times where these folks are not seen as equals. Our group is trying to change that.” Join Angeles de la Vivienda and our Fresno volunteers in making a difference by joining our Fresno Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you at our virtual meetings!

Stop putting it off, it's time for you to get your COVID-19 vaccine: Across California, being vaccinated will be a requirement to enter workspaces, restaurants, sporting events, and more. That’s because the data shows just how much more contagious variants are becoming. So get vaxxed! CNC is airing three radio ads in Merced and Sacramento hoping to encourage young Latinos to roll up their sleeves and get that life-saving shot. Our radio ads are bilingual in English and Spanish and are reaching the ears of over 225,000 young adults, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Have you heard CNC on the radio yet? Turn up the volume on the radio and schedule your vaccination now at myturn.ca.gov!

Redistricting and you: yes, you! Have you been paying attention to the redistricting process happening in your city? Do you know why it’s important? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! This week, CNC has begun to roll out our redistricting infographics that cover the basics, why it’s important, and why you need to care. Redistricting literally shapes our neighborhoods and will shape our lives and opportunities for the next decade, so it’s critical that we participate in this process today. We deserve representation that accurately represents our neighborhoods. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about redistricting and how you can take action.

NEW POLL: CNC is working with community-based partner organizations and Data for Social Good to survey California residents' thoughts and perceptions about local issues, policy that would positively impact their neighborhoods, and how the pandemic and other factors have shaped their experiences in the state. The results from our polling are coming in, and we are learning more about the real needs of California residents. This week, experts with Data for Social Good provided insights on our youth, their media use habits, and sources of information, in addition to attitudes on the issues that impact them most. This is critical in helping CNC and fellow organizations better advocate for our neighborhoods and a future for California that is inclusive and supportive to all.