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CNC Covid-19 Outreach


Communities for a New California (CNC) is committed to ensuring that COVID-19 information, including crucial information about the vaccination process, is accessible to California families from the Coachella Valley to Sacramento.  Throughout the course of the pandemic, we’ve gotten creative with how we’ve done our outreach, and how we’ve gotten information to our friends, neighbors, and communities. Combined with a team of amazing community leaders, CNC has reached our people exactly where they’re at, and where they’ve been at for the last year, both in their essential quarters and in their digital spaces.

A discussion on our Covid-19 work between Karina Martinez (CNC) and Lupita Lomeli of Despierta Valle Central.

Whether it be morning television spots on Univision, chats with Dra Vázquez on Radio Campesina, appearances on Forge Radio, or Facebook live discussion forums, CNC has been a consistent presence giving reliable information about the pandemic in both English and Spanish. Our burgeoning relationships with local media outlets have helped make us a reliable voice to reach even the most rural members of our communities, and are helping us establish a permanent space within our community as a trusted source on the pandemic and more. We’ve centered our messaging on the facts of COVID-19: safety guidelines and precautions, vaccine safety, vaccine effectiveness, how the pandemic has impacted our communities, and what that means for each of us. 

Chatting with Dra Vázquez on Radio Campesina.

Presented in easily accessible and culturally relevant modes, our work empowers all those who come across it, arming them with the knowledge they need to stay safe and push through the pandemic while remaining approachable, timely, and insightful. When our families are spoken to in their language by people they trust, they listen and make informed decisions. We heavily encourage everyone to get vaccinated so we can reach the other side of this pandemic better than how we started it: healthy, informed, and empowered together as a community. Visit Myturn.ca.gov or call 1-833-422-4255.

Chatting with Dra Vázquez on Forge Radio.