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CNC EF Urges Elected Officials to Pass the Build Back Better Plan

October 28, 2021

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CNC EF Urges Elected Officials to Pass the Build Back Better Plan

An important pathway towards tackling our climate crisis and creating jobs

CNC EF recognizes the historic moment that we are in as the nation prepares for the largest investment in the environment ever proposed. The Build Back Better legislation is critical for neighborhoods in the Central and San Joaquin Valley as we grow our economy and fight for environmental justice. Our families have been suffering from the impacts of environmental contamination in addition to the ramifications of climate change whether it be from wildfires, droughts, flooding, or other extreme weather conditions.

Climate action is personal to our families. We have been advocating for climate solutions apace with scientists who have been warning us for years that extreme weather is going to get more severe. But we know it through experience because we are living it. In fact, climate change is a top issue for voters. In Fresno, for example, climate change was the deciding factor in the California gubernatorial recall defeat. CNC EF is part of the Fresno County Civic Engagement Table that helped implement the Fresno Speaks survey, which produced the largest random sample surveys in the City of Fresno since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project, a partnership with the UC Merced Community and Labor Center surveyed 1,520 registered voters with phones, in the City of Fresno, from July to August 2021 and found that climate change is the key policy issue in Fresno. Read more here.

The framework for the Build Back Better plan is the response that we urgently need to meet our ever-growing climate crisis. Through these investments, we expect to see cleaner environments, quality green union jobs, affordable energy costs, and reduced contamination. These combined actions provide a pathway forward to a better future for our families and neighborhoods. We urge our elected officials to take the necessary steps to ensure that this legislation passes immediately and remind them that our Central and San Joaquin Valley families are watching closely.


Communities for a New California Education Fund is building a new power in the San Joaquin, Coachella, and Imperial valleys by inspiring working-class Californians to engage, activate and fight for social change in their neighborhoods. With the help of staff and volunteers from the very neighborhoods we serve, CNC EF organizes and mobilizes residents on public policy issues that impact our rural families and organizes to improve our neighborhoods.