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Creating Change in California with CNC

California’s recall election is just around the corner – are you ready to cast your ballot by September 14th? CNC has been plenty busy helping our neighbors get prepared for the election, all while maintaining our ongoing programs that help to make a difference in the lives of Californians every single day. Learn more and get involved: 

This week in California:

Check your mailbox! Have you received your ballot for the upcoming September 14th recall election yet? You have until August 30th to register to vote and update your current address so that you can receive your ballot in time to cast your vote. Be sure to have a say in the future of California by making your voice heard. You can register to vote or check your voter registration status at registertovote.ca.gov. When we vote, progress belongs to us.

CNC Executive Director Pablo Rodriguez featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: CNC Executive Director Pablo Rodriguez was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about the current recall election. Pablo is a long-time community organizer and expert on all things San Joaquin Valley. He explained what the recall election means for the region and advocated for some of the best ways to reach our neighborhoods and just how important our region is to the success of the entire state. The more we advocate for our neighborhoods, the better the future of California becomes. You can read the full article here.

Watch Karina discuss the recall on Despierta Valle Central.

Good morning, California! Karina Martinez, Director of Communications for CNC, joined Lupita Lomeli on Despierta Valle Central to discuss how this recall election is different and why it's so important for Latinos to cast their ballots. Karina helped explain the recall process, why it’s happening, and how Latinos have a chance to make a major impact. Latinos make up 39% of California’s population and are poised to be the decision-makers on September 14th. Learn more about the upcoming election and watch Karina’s full interview here.

Learn more about this topic here. 

Another way to reach voters: CNC is on TikTok! In preparation for the September 14th recall election, we’re doing everything we can to reach California voters where they’re at to help demystify the recall process. This week, we discussed what your vote means and broke down what questions are going to be asked on the ballot. Educated voters are empowered voters, so share this with a friend and make your voting plan! Learn more about the recall election and more on CNC’s Instagram!

All about the data: Along with partner community-based organizations, CNC has joined Data for Social Good to survey Californians about the upcoming recall election and other current issues. Notably, this polling highlighted youth voters and their thoughts and perception of the state of California. The results have begun rolling in and were discussed at the No to the Recall, Yes to Progress Town Hall. Hearing from voters directly allows CNC and partner organizations to meet voters exactly where they’re at, and better advocate for what our neighbors truly need. The future of California is in our hands! To learn more about this polling, watch the full Town Hall here

Learn more about redistricting here.

Empowering our neighbors through ongoing education: redistricting is here! Education is a tool for empowerment, and CNC is doing our part to keep our neighbors informed on the government processes that impact us the most. It’s critical to get involved and be informed on the redistricting process, as it is going to impact our opportunities and representation for the next decade. You can learn more about redistricting and why you should get involved on CNC’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This week, we focused on what happens when redistricting goes wrong (Hint: there’s a lot at stake if we don’t take action). Learn more about redistricting here, and keep following CNC to learn how to get involved!

Safely making a difference: getting involved in your city during COVID-19. There are so many ways to get involved with CNC and your city safely during this pandemic! Our regional Facebook groups are chock-full of information about our upcoming meetings and ways to get involved. All of our meetings are currently virtual, but they have a real-life impact! We have groups dedicated to addressing a wide range of topics, from housing justice, to redistricting, to police reform. This week, we focused on these topics to ensure that all Fresno residents have their voices heard on the issues that impact them the most. There is always a way to get involved and make our neighborhoods better, so follow CNC on Facebook to stay updated on ways to join us. 

Missed getting involved this week? Don’t worry! You can avoid next week’s FOMO by deciding to get involved today. Keep an eye on your inbox for future updates on how you can join us in making a difference!