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Ileana Juárez


Ileana Juárez works closely with the CNC Senior Policy Advisor and Executive Director. She contributes to research, public policy analysis, and development of policies aimed at interrupting the profitability of white supremacy, which has historically led to the subsequent concentration of wealth and concentration of power. 

Ileana’s upbringing in the Central Valley of California has contributed to the passion she has regarding the issues that members of the LGBTQ+ community and Latinx people face due to the profitability of White Supremacy. She hopes to support the members of these communities and bring awareness to the issues they face through her work at CNC. 

Ileana is studying Biology in her first year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She brings a fresh perspective and dedication to her role. Her responsibilities include researching pertinent civil rights issues, drafting policy briefs and reports, and assisting in advocacy efforts to effect positive change at local, state, and national levels via CNC's Lúcete Latina campaign. 

The CNC internship allows Ileana to learn from seasoned professionals and experts in the field, hone analytical and critical thinking skills, and actively contribute to the organization's mission. By collaborating with diverse stakeholders and leveraging academic knowledge, Ileana aspires to make meaningful contributions towards ending the theft of opportunities, exploitation, and exclusion of people of the global majority.