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Keeping Up with CNC!

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Redistricting in Fresno: Redistricting is happening at the City and County levels in Fresno, and CNC’s Founding Executive Director, Pablo Rodriguez, and CNC’s Redistricting and Communications Associate, Ariana Marmolejo, were able to speak with CalMatters about the importance of our redistricting work and the impact that it is having on Fresno. “Even at the state level, because we lost a congressional district, everything in California is going to look different,” said Rodriguez. Read the full story about redistricting in Fresno at CalMatters, and follow CNC on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything redistricting in California!

For the first time, Fresno city leaders issued a proclamation to observe October 11 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Fresno is among a growing list of cities, shifting focus from the federal holiday Columbus Day and instead celebrating the contributions of Native Americans. Read more about what’s going on in Fresno here. This was also the first year that a U.S. president has officially recognized Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed 770 new California laws and vetoed 66. Here’s a look at what’s coming in the Golden State.

- Making ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement. Under a bill Newsom signed last year, California State University students must also take an ethnic studies course to graduate.

- Requiring public colleges, universities, and secondary schools to provide free menstrual products on campus.

- Ensuring police can’t block journalists from covering protests and demonstrations.

- Making it illegal to harass people entering vaccination clinics. 

These are just a few of the 770 new laws signed. Click here to see what else is coming to California.

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CNC celebrates Indigenous People’s Day. We recognize and honor the beautiful traditions and cultures of Indigenous People, not just in California but across the world. Moreover, we commit to restoring justice for indigenous people through our ongoing work and partnerships.


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Redistricting is happening in Fresno, and your city is being shaped right now! Do you know how to give public comment in support of your neighborhood? CNC is keeping our neighbors informed on the government processes that impact us the most, and how they can speak up. The City of Fresno is hosting its last redistricting workshops this Saturday, October 16th. Attend one of these three meetings to tell them about your Community of Interest, and help shape our opportunities and representation for the next decade. Follow CNC on Instagram to stay informed on all things redistricting and how you can provide public comment on your Community of Interest!

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The statewide housing moratorium ends in California: COVID-19 created an unprecedented emergency that required local, state, and federal intervention. The California eviction moratorium was a necessary measure that has helped renters survive the financial duress onset by the pandemic, endure the mental health ramifications of wage loss and uncertainty, and provided additional health protections during our pandemic by keeping people housed. We are devastated for the most vulnerable of our residents who will be impacted by the end of the moratorium – read more about what CNC Fresno Organizer, Pedro Navarro Cruz, has to say about this issue and find more resources here.

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ICYMI: CNC at Netroots Nation. CNC Field Directors Samantha Valadez and Cassandra Gutierrez virtually presented at Netroots Nation, a national progressive political conference, with their session, “Enhance Your Field Program.” This year, the entire event was online, so presenting was a little different than usual. “I really enjoyed the Netroots app and how easy it was for attendees to join our training and ask questions,” said Samantha Valadez of their presentation. Their presentation covered the basics of forming and managing a field team for phonebanking and canvassing, management skills, how to be goal-oriented, and all about different platforms and technologies that complement outreach via canvassing or phone banking. We’re so proud of the work that Cassandra and Samantha do and we’re excited to see their leadership influence future organizers!

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Hispanic Heritage Month: In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, also referred to as Latinx Heritage Month, we are proud to highlight District 1 Supervisor, Luis A. Alejo.

Supervisor Luis A. Alejo was elected in June 2016 to represent District 1 on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. Luis Alejo is a former president of the Latino Caucus of California Counties, a former high school teacher, and a former staff attorney who represented farmworkers and immigrants while working for California Rural Legal Assistance. He also served as Mayor and Vice-Mayor of his hometown of Watsonville.  Supervisor Luis Alejo currently serves on an array of boards and committees like the Executive Board of the California State Association of Counties and the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

Alejo comes from a family of migrant workers who came to work in Salinas and Central Valleys in the 1950s. Alejo's grandparents were actually one of the first families to join the Farmworker Rights Movement with Cesar Chavez in 1970.

As a county supervisor Luis Alejo has had a major role in legislation for immigrant and civil rights, he played a role in establishing the first - Dreamers County and a Welcoming County for Immigrants in the country.

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Take action with CNC! Check out our upcoming meeting in Coachella, in addition to our usual committee meetings in Fresno. Create change in California for all by attending any of our upcoming meetings. Follow CNC on Facebook for more updates on ways to create change in your neighborhood by getting involved with us.

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