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CNC Makes Waves Throughout California!

The summer fun has just begun at CNC! June may be winding down, but we’re gearing up to make a positive difference in our neighborhoods all summer long. You can find us at our virtual forums, our community meetings, canvassing neighborhoods, and sharing our stories on TV and social media. Have you seen what we’ve been up to this week?

Ahead of summer activities and school reopenings, we are hosting a virtual COVID-19 Youth Vaccination Forum on Tuesday, June 29th at 6:30 pm. Moderated by CBS 47’s Nathalie Vera, we will be discussing parental trust, perceptions, and doubts surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. Be a part of this important conversation! Remember – the vaccine is free and available for anyone 12 years old and up. Sign up for a vaccine appointment here. 

Here’s what some of our California families have expressed about child vaccinations against COVID-19: 

Fresno father Luis Garcia took the initiative to make sure his family was safe: "Everyone in my family that has been eligible to get the vaccine has done so, including my 16-year-old son. We understand that it's our responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but our elders and those with conditions who are at risk of losing their life to COVID-19."

America Ramirez experienced firsthand the awful effects of the virus, as her mother was hospitalized at the same time her daughter contracted it. Of the vaccine, she said: "My 13-year-old daughter got vaccinated last month. As a single mother, my main job is to ensure my only daughter is safe and protected. I felt it was a necessity to get the vaccine for the safety of her and the people around her, like my mother. My daughter was so for it because of how sick her grandmother got in November."

Middle School teacher Elsa Juárez shares her story on getting her family vaccinated against COVID-19: "When we first got word that a vaccine was going to be available for adults, I didn’t hesitate to get it. When it was approved for older kids, I thought twice. As a mom, I wanted to do what’s best for my kids. In the end, the same reason I hesitated was the same reason I got them vaccinated. I got them vaccinated because it’s what’s best for them, it’s best for our family, and for our community at large."

It takes a village! Our Fresno organizers have safely put together a series of community meetings to discuss with our neighbors our concerns and hopes for the future of Fresno. This week, our meetings focused on discussing the city’s police budget and how funds can be invested back into our communities, the housing crisis, and how we’d like to see funding for parks better invested in our neighborhoods. Great job, Fresno, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

CNC is all over Facebook! Back by popular demand, Exclusively on the Facebook page of Univision Noticias 21, we are sharing our stories of hope and survival throughout this pandemic. Israel Piza Guerrero, a migrant farmworker and community leader, shared his story of the extreme hardships of keeping his family healthy during this pandemic, and he encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. You can hear Israel's full story on CNC’s YouTube channel.

Immigrant Heritage Month, the celebration continues! We’ve come a long way to make our country what it is today! Each story matters and makes us who we are. Listen to our Strategic Engagement Director, Hatzune Aguilar, tell us about a stowaway relative who was almost made to walk the plank before landing in the states! You can also hear Cassandra Gutierrez, CNC's Deputy Field Director, talk about her mother’s journey to the United States and how she embraced her new life. Samantha Valadez, Field Director, also shared how her father worked to create a life in the United States and how he went above and beyond to bring her family here. 

ICYMI: CNC is proud of California dads! This Father’s Day, we celebrated the father figures in our lives and encouraged them to get vaccinated. Sign up the dads in your life to get them protection against the pandemic at myturn.ca.gov

Safety in numbers: COVID-19 vaccination outreach. CNC has been relentlessly canvassing, calling, and informing our neighbors throughout California about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and helping residents schedule their appointments. Rosa, from Merced, shared a photo of her daughter getting vaccinated and what it means to her. Rosa said, “My daughter has a disability and attends a special program, which she has not been able to go to since the pandemic began. Now that they are reopening, I feel safer knowing she’s returning to the program fully vaccinated.”

It’s time to celebrate! A massive congratulations are in order for CNC’s Fresno Organizer Pedro Navarro Cruz! Pedro is graduating from Fresno City College, majoring in Chicano Studies and Social Justice Studies. He is an integral part of our team, and his passion for bettering the world around him is evident in everything he does, from his studies to his work with CNC. We couldn’t be more proud! Leave a comment and congratulate Pedro on his accomplishments on CNC’s Facebook page. Pedro is also a dad, so happy belated Father’s Day to Pedro as well!