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Mid-May Successes with CNC

Communities for a New California organizers continue to surpass their goals in a remarkably speedy and effective fashion. Our COVID-19 education and outreach program is successfully reaching even more residents in our neighborhoods, with organizers working to ensure that every household is vaccinated and informed on the processes to stay safe and get protected against the virus. 

Phonebankers in Coachella have already exceeded their goals faster than expected, having directly spoken to over 25,000 residents and counting as of this week. Callers are checking to see Coachella Valley and Central Valley residents have already been vaccinated, and if they haven’t, callers provide all the information needed to understand and sign up for the vaccine. In addition to this, the Coachella team has delivered nearly 30,000 door hangers and flyers educating about the COVID-19 vaccination process. The team is on a roll and will continue with this momentum making more calls and distributing more educational flyers as the vaccination rollout progresses.

Coming in hot with nearly 20,000 door knocks under their belts, our San Joaquin and Central Valley canvassing teams have been going door-to-door scheduling vaccination appointments left and right. Teams have been seeing an uptick in the number of residents who have already been vaccinated, as well as an increase in the number of vaccination appointments they are helping residents make daily. Beyond canvassing, these teams have collectively dropped over 13,000 educational door hangers and flyers and continue to ensure that all neighborhood residents aged 12 and up know they are eligible for their vaccination.

Furthering the work of our COVID-19 virtual housing forum from last week, our communications team has begun to share stories from residents of the Coachella Valley about the struggles they have faced with housing during the pandemic. These stories illustrate the immense housing problems facing our entire state and give a voice and a platform to our neighbors who are most affected by these issues. Israel Piza, a resident of the Coachella Valley, shared with us the losses he faced throughout the pandemic. As a migrant farmworker, he lost out on work due to the inability to travel through California. In his personal life, he lost family, friends, and neighbors to the virus. You can watch Israel tell his full story on our YouTube channel.

The Súbete la Manga Challenge continues to shine on social media, featuring residents from Coachella Valley all the way to Sacramento joyously encouraging their peers to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. Click the image below to check out the latest Súbete la Manga dance-off and send your submission to [email protected]!