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Taking Action for Our Neighbors

CNC needs all hands on deck as we battle through massive pandemic outbreaks and enter into recall election season. We’re calling attention to local issues in our effort to create better neighborhoods for our families, and – as a result – a better California. Join us in taking action and making a difference! 

Here's what you need to know this week:

California’s recall election is September 14th! Are you ready to vote? Mark your calendar, set reminders, and make sure your voice is heard. Register to vote or check your voter registration status - especially if you’ve moved - at registertovote.ca.gov. When we vote, progress belongs to us.

MASK UP: Across California, local officials are urging residents to wear masks and get vaccinated if you have not already gotten your life-saving vaccine! Remember: the Delta variant is even more contagious, so it’s critical to get vaccinated and follow all recommended safety guidelines

Vaccines are life-saving. COVID-19 is spreading faster than ever throughout California, and the Delta Variant is even more contagious so it’s better at finding anyone who isn’t vaccinated. CNC’s COVID-19 outreach continues to provide residents with the education and resources they need to get protected against the virus. CNC is on TV, on the radio, and in your neighborhood providing life-saving vaccines, educating about its safety, and helping our neighbors schedule their appointments. Our newest radio ads are bilingual in Spanish and English and will target young people in Merced and Sacramento who are unvaccinated. These ads will reach over 225,000 young adults, encouraging everyone to vaccinate as it is the best way to stay protected against the virus. ¡No bajes la guardia, ponte la mascarilla y ve a vacunarte! Don’t wait for a second longer – protect yourself and your loved ones and sign up for your vaccination now at myturn.ca.gov.

Addressing Indio’s Housing Crisis: The housing crisis in California is worse than it's ever been, with sky-high rent and lack of affordable housing opportunities. This is why it’s critical to speak up and make the needs of our communities known. CNC Lead Organizer Anna Lisa Vargas is calling attention to the gravity of the housing issue by speaking at City Council meetings and writing letters to the editor. Anna Lisa shares how the issue has long been ignored by local representatives and provides meaningful suggestions to aid the creation of new opportunities for affordable housing. Read Anna Lisa’s public comment here, and check out her published letter in The Desert Sun

Join us and get involved! CNC has been creating workshops and meetings designed to meet the needs of our neighbors. This week, we held an informative workshop with Lideres Campesinas about internet safety and browsing the web securely. Our organizers in Indio, Fresno, and Merced are holding community meetings to discuss the housing struggles in each region and how to best address the needs of residents. Organizers have also held virtual workshops on redistricting and ways to best advocate for our individual cities. We can’t wait to see the positive changes our team makes together! Follow us on Facebook to get involved with CNC! Fresnans, join us virtually at our August 5th Neighborhood Committee Meeting!