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The Future of California Is In Our Hands

July is coming to a close, and Californians have important decisions to make about the future of our state on the horizon. That's why it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and get protected against COVID-19. CNC is working to inspire working-class Californians to engage, activate, and fight for social change in their communities. We’ve been signing our neighbors up to get their vaccinations, hosting free vaccine clinics, uplifting community voices at city meetings, and advocating for what our neighborhoods need most. Check out how we’ve made a difference this week:

Mark your calendars and check your registration status, because the recall election is on Tuesday, September 14th! Don’t miss this important opportunity to make your voice heard.

The importance of vaccines: Last week’s pop-up vaccine clinic in Merced was a huge success, vaccinating dozens of people. CNC, along with partner organizations, provided completely free vaccines to Merced residents, helping to keep the community healthy and get even closer to the community immunity goal. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Jakara Movement, Lideres Campesinas, and the United Farm Workers Foundation to keep our neighborhoods healthy! You can make healthy choices today by signing up for your vaccination.

We love our volunteers! CNC volunteers wore a huge smile underneath their masks as they helped Merced residents get vaccinated at the pop-up clinic. They were eager and available to speak English, Spanish, and Punjab, making the event accessible to everyone in the community. Thank you to our outstanding team for stepping up and working to keep our neighbors healthy!

Advocating for our neighborhoods: from Riverdale to Indio, CNC has been amplifying the needs of our neighborhoods and speaking up at City Council meetings. In Riverdale, our volunteers came in full force to fill the entire first row of the redistricting meeting. They took notes and provided public comment to ensure that every resident is included in the redistricting process. In Indio, our members spoke in support of creating much-needed affordable housing opportunities for Indio residents. 

Ongoing education: In the Eastern Coachella Valley, Lead Community Organizer Anna Lisa Vargas is leading ongoing redistricting workshops for the region. Redistricting is an important process that redraws district lines based on Census data, ultimately impacting how our families are represented by elected officials. The workshops give an introduction to redistricting and its impact, and workshop participants worked to identify communities of interest. Follow us on Instagram so you can sign up for our next workshop! See you there!

CNC in the news: read all about our work! Along with partner organizations, we are monitoring and taking action throughout the redistricting process to ensure that each resident is equally represented in Fresno. Learn about the importance of redistricting and read about our work so far here. To read our full statement on the state of redistricting in Fresno, click here