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CNC: Together We Can Make Big Wins!

Are you ready for September 14th? The recall election is only weeks away and the future of California is in our hands! At CNC, we’ve been informing Californians about the recall election while connecting the dots between the census, redistricting, our political power, and future elections. And don’t think we’ll stop encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations; we are at a critical juncture with the Delta variant and vaccine hesitation. Want to join in on the action? Read below to learn more about our work and how you can join us!

This week with CNC:

The future is now! Rather, the future of California is in our hands today. Be sure to check your mailbox to see if your ballot has arrived yet. All active registered voters should have received a ballot at the address on file. If you haven’t gotten a ballot already, you can register to vote at your current address or check your registration status here. ACT NOW! When we vote and take part in our democracy, progress belongs to us. Keep going California! This recall election represents two dichotomous pathways for California, so join the fight for our state! Make a voting plan right now, right here.


What the f#*k!? You read that right! CNC Action Fund, along with partner organizations Black Women for Wellness Action Project, Chispa, Courage California, and Inland Empire United are coming together for a F#*K No to the Recall Rally on Thursday, August 26th at 6:00 PM. Reaching young California voters where they’re at, we’ll be discussing what’s at stake with this recall election, why you should care, how you can vote, and what your vote will mean for the future of California. Give a F#*K about the future of California and join the conversation next week!

CNC Featured on CNN en Español

Census 2020: A story of Latino triumph. CNC was featured on CNN en Español alongside Octavio Pescador, UCLA professor and co-founder of the UCLA Paulo Freire Institute. The 2020 Census results show that the United States is more diverse than ever before, with the Latino population growing to the largest it has ever been. In California, Latinos have become the largest demographic group. The census results represent a major triumph for our families as the Trump administration cravenly attempted to hamper black and brown participation, especially targeting Latinos with continued social attacks and administrative roadblocks.

CNC’s Cuenta Conmigo census outreach program empowered our families to shine in the 2020 Census despite the obstacles that the Trump administration put in place. Martinez reminded us on CNN en Español that we overcame every adversity thrown our way to defend our families - standing up for our undocumented families when Trump tried to add a citizenship question to stifle our participation. Thank you to everyone who took a stand and participated in the census! Together we can make big wins! Watch the full story here

Keep going California: It doesn’t end here. Census results directly influence processes like redistricting and elections. We’ve already set up our foundation for future wins by completing the census, but we have to keep going. Join us on Univision’s Despierta Valle Central television program with Lupita Lomeli on the morning of Wednesday, August 25th as we discuss more about how the census, redistricting, and our elections are about power building and improving our neighborhoods.

Read Monserrat’s full statement here

CNC Volunteer Spotlight: Coachella’s Monserrat Ramirez spoke up for her family and her neighborhood at her most recent regional redistricting meeting. In Coachella, “communities of interest” are currently being formed, which are neighborhoods, communities, or groups of people who have common concerns and who benefit from being grouped together in one district. Monserrat spoke about her community, their needs, and the importance of keeping our communities together so we are not left out of the political process and can advocate for our needs. She highlighted the infrastructure needs of her community in addition to the need for better air quality and clean drinking water - something that her community lacks. We are so proud of Monserrat for speaking up and participating in such an important process! Read Monserrat’s full statement here. Want to learn more about redistricting? Follow CNC on Facebook

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Speaking of redistricting … Our next Neighborhood Committee Meeting in Fresno will be held virtually on zoom on Wednesday, August 25th at 6:30 PM. Join us, grab some snacks, and (virtually) bring a friend! The meeting will feature a “Redistricting & You” workshop lead by CNC’s Director of Strategic Engagement, Hatzune Aguilar, and CNC’s Redistricting Associate, Ariana Marmolejo, which will break down the basics of redistricting and what it means for our neighborhoods. Following the workshop, we’ll have breakout sessions discussing communities of interest for Fresno and we’ll give you the tools you need to speak up for your neighborhood and make a difference. Follow CNC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more about getting involved with redistricting in your area.

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Can’t make next week’s meeting? There are plenty of chances to get involved! Not from Fresno? Merced is having their next general meeting on August 26th. Keep up with CNC for updates about all of our future meetings and ways for you to take action in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to (virtually) see you!