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CNC Welcomes a Healthy Summer with Vaccination Outreach

CNC is kicking off June the best way we know how: by celebrating the start of Pride Month! We are proud of who we are today and every day, and we are ecstatic to be highlighting our LGBTQ+ community all month long. We have so much to celebrate, and one of CNC’s favorite ways to show we care is ensuring the safety and health equity of those we love. Check out some of the amazing work CNC has done throughout the pandemic, like our COVID-19 LGBTQ+ Virtual Forum, which highlighted the experiences of our California LGBTQ+ community throughout the last year.

The summer months have finally arrived, and while summer fun is just around the corner, COVID-19 is still looming. Our summer plans, and our plans long after that, depend on the action we take today towards the collective health of our families and neighborhoods. Here’s a glimpse of what we’re doing to help:

CNC Partners with Univision to encourage vaccination through people from our neighborhoods: We are sharing our stories of hope and survival during this pandemic exclusively on the Facebook pages of Univision Noticias 21 starting next week, and we invite you to get to know more about the lives of other California residents like you. We also invite you to get vaccinated as soon as possible – remember that the vaccine is free for everyone and is available for anyone 12 years old and up! Nos vemos en Univision Noticias 21 Fresno Facebook. Watch one of our first COVID-19 Facebook Live promotional videos en español.

Have you gotten a phone call from one of our Coachella phonebankers? Our team has already contacted over 30,000 residents and have helped thousands sign up for their COVID-19 vaccine appointments! In addition to phone-banking, Coachella canvassers have delivered over 35,000 door hangers and flyers to residents and local businesses in both Spanish and English to remind them to get vaccinated. Who can you remind today?

Keep an eye out for our COVID-19 vaccination posters! We are placing these all throughout California in the neighborhoods we serve. Our San Joaquin and Central Valley teams have delivered nearly 20,000 door hangers and flyers with even more on the way, so look out for CNC’s appearance at your favorite neighborhood store and tag us @cncedfund once you find us!

On the air waves: Have you signed up your kids ages 12+ for the COVID-19 vaccine? Click here to see Lorena Lopez, a local caretaker, discuss the importance of getting our children vaccinated with Radio Campesina 106.3 (it’s in Spanish). 

Along with our outreach efforts, CNC is highlighting all of the amazing work going on in our communities – and that means celebrating graduations! Throughout June, we are honoring the hard work of graduates who have dedicated themselves to their education. We are helping to give flowers to the highschool and college graduates who have uplifted their families and neighborhoods through what they have accomplished, many of whom are either Latino or the first in their families to graduate from college. These students are future leaders of our communities and we are proud to honor and highlight them in the ways that we can. 

CNC has launched a new blog titled CNC Side Eye, which aims to highlight regional issues and tackle community concerns through a satirical lens. Based on the lived experiences and emotions of our neighbors, issues set to be addressed by the blog include inequities at the local level related to housing, climate change, redistricting, healthcare, and public utilities. You can read our first story here.

Kickback and rest assured this weekend knowing that CNC is making sure that all of your neighbors are protected against both COVID-19 and misinformation through all of our outreach programs, but first things first: set up your vaccine appointment at myturn.ca.gov!