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Yasamin Navvab


Yasamin Navvab works closely with CNC’s Senior Policy Advisor and Executive Director. As an intern, she contributes to research, public policy analysis, and the development of policies aimed at interrupting the profitability of white supremacy, which has historically led to the subsequent concentration of wealth and power. 

Yasamin’s upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a first-generation Iranian American, has led her to be particularly aware of issues that members of the Middle Eastern North African (MENA) community face due to racist and inequitable policies. Furthermore, her work in local government allowed her to gain experience regarding the inner workings of government bureaucracy. As she continues her work at CNC, she hopes to support members of marginalized communities and bring awareness to the issues they face.

Currently, Yasamin is studying Political Science in her first year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with hopes of pursuing law school. At CNC, her responsibilities include researching, preparing policy briefings and reports, and assisting in advocacy efforts to effect positive change at local, state, and national levels. 

Through the CNC internship, Yasamin has the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and experts in the field, thus further developing her analytical and critical thinking skills by actively contributing to CNC’s mission of interrupting the profitability of white supremacy. In turn, she can see and experience the real-life applications of her studies, providing her with a complex understanding of the field of political science. By the end of her internship, Yasamin hopes to make meaningful contributions toward ending exploitation, promoting diversity, and increasing opportunities while gaining a better understanding of politics.